Strange Native’s “Toward a New Education”

This article is for all of you teachers and social workers, and for those of you who have to endure working under older employers who are “afraid of the internet.”

I really enjoyed reading this article. It’s full of outstanding insight into how technology could reform education. It also reminded me a lot of Steve Jobs’ Biography. Mainly because these were the things Jobs was thinking about before he died. His goal for the iPad was to create a way for students to carry textbooks (without breaking their backs / hurting their bodies) more efficiently. It amazes me to think of all the educational things that are possible with technology and it saddens me to think about all the people that shun these new ideas because they don’t understand them (because they involve technology). I hope you enjoy reading the article, and I’d love to chat about it if you want!

“The question isn’t really whether or not [technology] will change the face of education. The question is, how quickly will we allow these changes to take place?”