Happy birthday, my baby

I probably shouldn’t let too much more time pass without sharing Lyra’s birthday party. It was a small, low-key party with a few friends and family. The time frame was after nap and before dinner. We had a few snacks to ward off the grumpies, and took down all the gates so that our circular main floor could function as the coolest race track of all time.


I made cupcakes for everyone and a cake for Lyra. She surprisingly never dove on the cake or her cupcake, she just ran her fingers through the icing and kept licking them. Once she switched to the more manageable cupcake she devoured it pretty quickly. Since bread is one of her favorite foods, I wasn’t really surprised.



(It was dark and rainy so the pictures are dark, sorry!)
She hung in with all the big kids like a champ (ages ranged from 1-5) and partied hard until the very end. Presents consisted of mostly clothes and books (our two favorite things) and one telephone that everyone loved.
All-in-all, I’d call it a success. Happy first birthday, Lyra.