51 weeks old

It’s getting increasingly harder to take a focused picture of this monkey. Today she turned right around and crawled off the chair! That’s what we get for teaching her how to climb down and off of things…

Next week will be our last #weeklylyra. My goal is to move to monthly photos, and probably to get her out of this chair! All she wants is to climb out.

My favorite thing about this last week is that Lyra can click her tongue. Sometimes she does it on her own, but she will always copy you. We were in Ikea last weekend and I was wearing her in the Ergo. To distract her from eating a button on my shirt I clicked my tongue at her. We went back and forth like that for almost 10 minutes!

She still isn’t walking by herself, but she will stand up for a few seconds before sitting down slowly. She climbs, crawls, and scrambles.

We’ve introduced small amounts of cow’s milk to get her used to it before we switch her from her bottle when she goes back to daycare. The first time she had it she drank and drank and drank and then thought, “Wait a second. What is this?” And had to take a step back to examine it.

Lastly, we are very excited about her birthday. We’ll have a small party at or house and I’m having fun trying to plan all the little details. It will be nice to have some holiday time off of work to celebrate the babe!