50 weeks old

I’m still in denial that my baby’s about to turn 1. She’s practically an adult. But if we must discuss her aging, let’s talk about all the fun things she’s done this week.

This week I’ve heard a lot of “Mmmmmmmummm.” She’s working very hard on those M sounds. She says “dadadada” pretty consistently, sometimes drawing out that A too. “Daaaada.” Then she usually gets lost in the vowel sounds and starts, “aayyaaahh aayyaaahh.” One day she was being grumpy making some noise and I shook her bottom lip. You know that noise. Well now she tries to do it by putting her whole hand on her lip. That quickly progressed to an open mouthed “ooooooh” and smacking her mouth to make the traditional Indian war call. She thinks it’s hysterical.

She will laugh at the drop of a hat. And her laugh looks like the picture below, but quite literally sounds like, “hahaha.” It has sounded like that since her first laugh at just a few months old. I love it.

We taught her how to go down stairs and get off the couch and the bed last weekend (backwards). So now she can go up and down stairs, and is desperately trying to climb onto the couch and bed by herself. Honestly, she tries to climb on pretty much everything.

Most of the rest of things are same old, same old. She still eats everything in sight (except when she wont), sleeps well, loves water, loves Ransom, and loves people.