48 Weeks Old

Happy Halloween! I have high hopes to get a picture of Lyra as a raccoon with Ransom (the coonhound). Fingers crossed you’ll see some of those this weekend.

Lyra has had a cold and now sounds like a 40 year old smoker. It’s pretty funny. Of course, it’s not funny that she has a cold, but she seems to be on the mend and it hasn’t slowed her down at all. She is walking all over the house with her push toys, and moving back and forth around the coffee table. She’ll stand for a while when you let go of her hands, but doesn’t try to walk on her own (yet).

She’s also getting much more opinionated. With food, with toys, with everything. She knows what she wants and she’s happy to give what she doesn’t want to Ransom. (He appreciates that with food and fluffy toys…) She’s very vocal about everything nowadays, and enjoys talking about nothing to anyone that will listen.