41 Weeks Old

Lyra is moving and talking up a storm lately. She still doesn’t take off without us noticing, but is doing more crawling in circles, throwing toys and then crawling after them, wandering away and then back. She has definitely shown interest in pulling up and loves standing while holding on to something. And she talks the whole time, muttering and whispering under her breath. It’s hilarious. She is quick to smile and to laugh and so fun to be around.

She’s also had a cold this week. The worst one of her life! Tuesday night was the first night since she was a newborn that none of us slept. She was so stopped up she couldn’t breathe and she spent all day Wednesday napping, snoring, and whining. Luckily, with a mix of saline drops and eucalyptus oil in the humidifier she slept her usual 11ish hours last night. Fingers crossed we can nip this cold in the bud!