40 weeks old

This is always such a monumental week. Lyra has been in the world the same amount if time she was in me. Somehow it adds another layer of reality to the whole “we have offspring” situation.

This week Lyra graduated to Infant Room B at daycare. She’s so close to crawling she can’t handle it. She is so grumpy that she can’t get where she wants to how she wants to. She eats everything. Her new teacher said “it’s amazing how much she eats for how small she is!” And it’s true.

Her 9 month appointment told us she is 28.5″ long (95%) and 16lbs 6oz (8%). She has barely doubled her weight in her lifetime. Crazy! She can still wear 3 month pants but is in 12-18month footed onesies.

I won’t be surprised if next week our update says she’s officially crawling. She’s trying to pull up, scooting backwards (underneath couches no less), spinning in circles, stretching, reaching, and flipping. Soon. Very soon.