36 weeks old

Holy smokes, Batman! Football season is upon us and Lyra is excited to watch this season instead of sleeping through it. She’s working very hard on being mobile before the official first game of the season. This weeks she has progressed to playing on her stomach, turning all directions, and scooting if she can push off of something like the couch or our hands. At night she doesn’t stay in the same place for more than an hour at a time. Soon!

Saturday of last week she was sitting in her high chair. She fell onto her food (a normal occurrence) to get it into her mouth and then all of a sudden it clicked! She put her hands up to keep the food in her mouth and she hasn’t gone back. Now she picks up anything on her tray and shoves it into her mouth with two wide open hands. It’s pretty cute.

We’re still waiting on the fourth tooth. It’s sitting right below the surface annoying the heck out of everyone but refusing to push through. It has brought with it diaper rash, sore gums, shorter naps, and waking up too early. We’ll be glad when it finally makes an appearance and we can go back to normal life (until the next two decide it’s their turn).