35 weeks old

Here’s a much happier weekly photo! And I promise I didn’t chop her hand off, she just loves resting it on the arm of the chair. This picture was just too cheeky to resist.

As far as 35 weeks goes, we’ve moved up in the food world. Yesterday the word from daycare was, “she loved they meet and potatoes!” Sounds about right. What does it look like when Lyra loves food? She straightens her arms and legs and bounces in the high chair while smiling and making hissing noises. It’s hilarious. There are hardly anymore purées in her diet. Any average day of eating for Lyra consists of yogurt and fruit or toast/waffle for breakfast (or bacon and eggs on the weekend), chicken or beef and veggies/potatoes for lunch. Dinner is normally a combination of the leftovers from breakfast and lunch with some cheese or avocado thrown in for variety.

Mobility-wise, Lyra is an excellent stretcher and can reach almost anything she wants from where she’s sitting. I’ve seen a lot more interest in reaching all the way forward or stretching out on her belly, so maybe she is thinking about crawling. She also loves standing. We like to play a game where she balances as long as she can and when she starts to lean I catch her or guide her to fall into a sitting position. She thinks it’s hilarious.

We’ve made sure to start reading every night before bed, adding at least one book into our routine. If you prop the next page open, she always reaches over to turn it for you.

This 8 month age is turning out to be my favorite so far.