34 weeks old

Lest you think it’s all fun and games over here, this is the only picture I took this morning where Lyra isn’t crying. And let’s be honest, she’s whimpering. One tooth has made it through and the other is not far behind. We also started brushing our three teeth this week. How fun! I found a Mam tooth brush that’s nice and long (a “training” toothbrush so Lyra can hold on and practice brushing too. It’s obviously very early for this, but a good habit to get into, right?

Another fun fact, Lyra is now a stomach sleeper. The first two or three nights were pretty stressful for us parents, but I think everyone’s okay with it now. We still lay her down on her back and sometimes it takes a few hours for her to roll over, but sometimes it’s a pretty immediate thing. When she’s not on her stomach now she’s all curled up on her side. Now that I’m not convinced she’s going to suffocate at any minute, I can admit it’s pretty darn cute.