33 weeks old

Well, we hit a milestone this week. First time throwing up. Not one I was particularly looking forward to, but it’s over and now we can move on. Minus the whole puking business, Lyra was still her happy self. She alternated napping, eating, and giggling yesterday while we played hookie from daycare. She seems to be totally back to normal; vomit free since 11:00 yesterday (that doesn’t have quite the ring “vomit free since ’93 does…).

We’re still waiting on those new teeth. I say “those” because I’m hoping they keep coming in two at a time so it goes faster. Most of the fussiness has passed so no new symptoms there.

Out heat wave may have finally broken last night as well. We woke up to a brisk upstairs and the baby actually napped in a long sleeve T and her plush blanket. Is it fall yet?

In other big news we booked our tickets home! Lyra will (hopefully) be making an appearance in a town near you during the first two weeks of October. As silly as it may seem, I’m hoping to get an itinerary typed up so those of you that want to see us (her) will know when and where she’ll be. Now to start figuring out how to pack a baby for two weeks!