31 weeks old

We’ve passed the 7 month mark! Lyra is still randomly lifting her arm in what I think are attempts to wave. She’s reaching for us when we lean to pick her up and can almost get to a sitting position from laying down all by herself.

It’s been pretty hot the past two nights so she’s been sleeping with no sleep sack and just her diaper. It’s hilarious to actually see her sleeping positions instead of wondering, “What exactly is that leg doing?” from above the covers. Last night she was sleeping in what looked like a meditation pose on her back. Legs crossed, hands on her knees, head straight forward. Sometimes one leg is up on top of her chest and the other is straightened all the way out. Sometimes she’s a straight as a stick.

And then sometimes Dad walks in the room and she can’t sit still for all the bouncing, smiling, and giggling.