21 Weeks Old

We had a fun conversation today while taking our picture (as you can see in the photo). Lyra is all talking and giggles as of late.

Last Friday while she was blabbering away, I noticed her first tooth trying to poke its way through her gums. After two nights of no sleep, we figured out our new routine (thank you, Tylenol) and we’re back in business this week. The tooth is still hiding right under her gums, but I expect it to break through any day now.

Lyra is also standing any chance she gets. Those legs are stick straight and just begging to be propped up on something. She’s so tall! We compared her to an almost one year old on Sunday and they’re the same height! When you put her in the car seat you have to physically bend her legs because she just wants to stand in it. When you unbuckle her to get her out of her seat, she leans forward with everything she’s got. This girl wants to move!

Speaking of moving, Lyra rolled from back to front last weekend for the first time. I feel so lucky to have been able to experience so many firsts with her. I was worried that since she was in daycare they’d get to see everything before me. But, no! She knows what’s up and she’s saving all her firsts for mom and dad.