Moving to the Crib

Friday night I got sick. Then Saturday night David got sick. And then Sunday night Lyra was sleeping in the crib in her nursery instead of in her bassinet next to our bed. Wait, what?

They say you know when the time is right. And apparently, this weekend the time was right. Somehow in my vomiting delirium (sorry) I knew the baby needed to be in her own room, not trying to sleep beside me while I hurled my pasta (literally. sorry again). She had napped in her crib that day and I told David to put her in that night and then it was over. She sleeps in her crib now.

I missed her last night. David said we could bring her back but there’s no sense in going backwards. I have gotten back into the habit of checking on her every 10-15 minutes. I’m sure it’ll pass, but she’s my baby!