The Birth Announcement

I’m pretty sure everyone has received their birth announcements by now, so I finally get to share it here! One of my dearest friends designed it per our request. It went through many drafts (as I’m sure most things do), and this is where we landed. I love it!

It was important to us that people know the definitions of Lyra’s names because we spent a lot of time choosing them and the meanings compliment each other so well!

I thought it would be fun to include the pronunciation guide, not necessarily because it would help people pronounce her name, but because it would help me pronounce someone else’s baby’s name. (Does that make sense?)

David decided that the announcement didn’t look right when it was only words, so the picture was added. There was much controversy in the family about the choice of picture, but it’s knew of my favorites from the first few hours she was alive, so it stayed.

We sent them to our closest family and friends (and hopefully they’ve all arrived so no one was spoiled). Too bad we don’t live near many of them so I can’t happen by and see it hanging on someone’s fridge!

Welcome to the world, Lyra Clare Earley!