A Year in Review


I was rocking Lyra to sleep last night when I realized it’s almost the new year. I think I’ve said it before, but I feel like time stopped when she was born. Not so much stopped as in, nothing has happened, but stopped as in, I have had no concept of times, dates, holidays, etc. Maybe it’s because she was born on Thanksgiving Day. Maybe it’s because I haven’t worked since she was born. Maybe it’s because having a child is a completely life changing experience. Maybe all of those reasons. But the point is, I sat down and realized time was flying by.

2013 has been an incredible year for us. It was hard, it was crazy, and it was adventurous. We started the year in Greensboro, NC. We had moved back home (not something we ever planned on doing) because we couldn’t afford to love anywhere else. We celebrated our anniversary after receiving some sad news, and it felt like the year was off to an ominous start.

Luckily, things quickly took a turn for the better. We visited family in Washington state mid March with the hair-brained idea that we would try to drum up some interviews during our short stay. Just to see what would happen, you know? David was offered a job at Bungie before we’d even made it back to North Carolina, and all of a sudden we were fulfilling a lifelong dream of moving across the country.

We packed all of our belongings in our two cars plus a U-Haul trailer. We planned to leave on David’s birthday and drive across the country with my parents, our best friend, and our pup. I woke up that morning and took a pregnancy test. Positive.

We settled into our small apartment and into one of the most stressful seasons of our lives. David was starting a brand new job with no prior experience and our livelihoods at stake while I spent most days throwing up and looking for a full time job. By the end of the summer David was offered a more permanent position at Bungie and I accepted a full time job at our local YMCA. We were finally feeling a little more stable and a little less like we had no clue what we were doing.

By October we had found a house to rent and were the most settled we’d been since getting married. From here on out we were playing the waiting game, wondering when we were going to have this baby and wondering to what extent she was going to change our lives.

Lyra was born and everything else is a blur. All of our immediate family has now been to visit and met Lyra. This is incredibly special since we have no clue when we will be able to fly home to visit. We spent Christmas with our local family (of which I owe you pictures if not a recap) and friends, and plan to spend a low key New Year’s Eve with them as well.

It’s hard for me to imagine where we were at the end of 2012. I was working three jobs, David was working in a factory, and we had no clue what was right around the corner. Life is like that. We weren’t planning to move. We weren’t planning to get pregnant. We had no idea what we were about to get into. When we got married, neither of us could have ever guessed this is where we would be in 2014. But I think I speak for both of is when I say we are so very happy here. There’s no where else I’d rather be than here with David and our brand new baby girl. She’s more amazing than either of us could have ever imagined. And while I don’t feel particularly different, I know she’s already changing us and making us better people.

I’m not making resolutions this year. Or goals. Or plans. Because, let’s be honest, most of us never follow through with them, and our 2013 is proof that anything can happen (despite the best laid plans). So I’m going to wait and see what 2014 has in store. I’m going to watch in awe as Lyra grows and changes. I’m going to spend as much time as I can with David, resting, loving, and living. I’m going to enjoy my job, my coworkers, my family, and my friends.

I’m excited about 2014. I can’t wait to see what happens.