For those if you who are curious, Ransom is doing well with Lyra. He was very excited when we first brought her home and there was a lot of vigorous sniffing. Since then, he mostly ignores her unless she is crying or being held by someone new. In those cases he is quick to locate her, sniff out the situation, and then (usually) lie down nearby.


The biggest change in Ransom’s life since bringing Lyra home is that he doesn’t sleep in the bed with us right now. We decided he would sleep in his box while we adjusted to having her in our room (and never sleeping). We’ve made sure to show him that he is not banished from our room, our bed, or our presence when she is with us so he doesn’t associate banishment with her. He is always welcome next to me on the couch or bed when I’m breast feeding, and he hangs out with me in the bedroom during the early morning hours when I’m watching Netflix while Lyra naps (after David has left for work).

They have both gotten into the habit of taking naps on my lap in the afternoon. It’s precious.