Gallery Wall – PNW Version

Excuse me while we take a break from our regularly schedule program (pictures of Lyra). I was going to post this before she was born but work got in the way. The gallery wall!

I started (once again) by planning my pictures out on the floor. I shuffled them around a lot, measured my space, shuffled some more, re-measured, swapped frames, etc until I got almost right.


This picture was taken in the middle of shuffling. (I had to pick them all up because we were having company over, so I snapped this to remember where my thought process was.)

Next I cut out paper to match the frames so i could arrange them without putting a million holes in the wall.


After this picture was snapped I decided they needed to come down a few inches. That’s why it helps to cut out the paper!

Lastly, I marked the hole spots on each paper and started hanging!


After this picture (hi, dad!) I decided the mirror was too low and I did one more quick switch at the top left.



If I’m being completely honest, I’ve done one more swap since this picture. The two pictures on the bottom right are of David and I in the same clothes (engagement pictures), so I swapped the smaller one with a black and white picture over in the left. I think (I think) I have it the way I want it now.

I can tell you this, having pictures hung (even though it’s really just in this one spot) really helps the house feel more put together. It also helps that our parents have bought us baby gifts and Christmas presents (like the crib, kitchen table, bookshelves, lamps) and that helps a lot too.

Maybe once everyone leaves and I have nothing to do all day, I’ll clean and organize and post pictures of the house!