My parents are here! Guys, you would not believe how much more productive everyone is when my parents are here. Everyone!

The nursery has progressed from 30% ready to 45% ready. Tomorrow when all the baby clothes, sheets, and blankets are washed it will be even more ready. And then we’ll finally hang pictures and it might almost be finished!

We’ve placed a few amazon orders and by Tuesday we should have all the things we absolutely need before the babe arrives.

We went to Ikea (obviously) and did a ton of shopping Saturday. We came home with baby gifts, household supplies, guest necessities, and Christmas presents! You might think it’s too early for a Christmas present, but since it was a kitchen table and chairs, my parents thought it’d be a good thing to have before our Thanksgiving dinner!

Sunday was beautiful. Dad worked in the yard, David and dad replaced the outside lights, mom and I cleaned and decorated, and Ransom took about 35 naps.

I imagine we’ll just work away until the babe desides to make her appearance!