36 Weeks


That means we only have a month to go. One more week and they say anything can happen. What?! It’s getting real, people! (As if a giant belly isn’t real enough.)

Are we ready? We have to be, don’t we. No, we don’t have close to all the things we feel like we need. I should probably pack a hospital bag this weekend, because of that gets left to David who know what I’ll end up with. She needs a name, a coming-home outfit, tons more clothes, diapers… You name it. I have got to get our shoes put of her nursery and get some sort of organization going on in there. It doesn’t help that we both work 10-12 hour days.

But whatever happens, we’ll be ready enough, I suppose. As ready as you can be for your life to change forever.

Are we excited? Yes. I think so. Obviously there are some nerves, but this is going to be awesome. This little no-name baby of ours. She a already pretty cool. I can’t even imagine how much cooler she’s going to be when she’s really here.