A Better Seattle

The YMCA, Starbucks, and the Seahawks all teamed up to help raise money for Pete Carroll’s A Better Seattle Initiative. This is awesome, and you should definitely look into it if you’re looking for a great cause to donate to this year. But this isn’t a plug, this is background information to explain how this happened today.



BAM! Carroll and 7 other Seahawks made an appearance at a few local Starbucks stores to promote the initiative. Russell Okung handed me my hot chocolate this afternoon and Pete Carroll signed the program from the game we went to earlier this month.


It was pretty awesome. And surprisingly enough, it only took me 15 minutes to get in, get a drink, get a few pictures, and get out. Oh, the perks of living in the greater Seattle area!



P.S. For those of you that care more about the belly than football (GASP!), hopefully this qualifies as a belly shot. Haha!