Ho Hey

***House updates later this week. Keep watching!***

Let me just tell you, Bungie is awesome. We’ve stumbled across so many things (from baby swag to concert tickets) that we would have never had access to otherwise. Most recently we acquired tickets to see The Lumineers at Marymoor Park. We couldn’t decide whether it was a good idea to go until someone suggested that we do as much as we can before the babe arrives. Not that she’s going to stop all our fun, but she might for a few months at least.


All concerts should be outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. (I’m not biased.) It was cool, crisp, and beautiful. It drizzled for a while but we had my Grandfather’s wool army blanket and barely got wet.

Nate Rateliff and Dr. Dog opened and both were super fun. The Lumineers came on and lowered 6 huge chandeliers from the ceiling. Beautiful. They played most of their album plus four or five (fun and intriguing) new songs. The pianist has a habit of wandering around stage with a mallet (drum term thanks to the husband and cousin-in-law) hitting random objects. Fun. It seemed like multiple members played multiple instruments and it kept the concert exciting. At one point the lead singer and pianist came into the middle of the crowd, stood on stools, and played two new songs.


I’m not sure how many more outings we have ahead of us before the babe, but if this was the last, it was a good one.