Sounders Game

So… we went to a Sounders game almost two weeks ago. Oops. But I’m blogging about it now! The Sounders play at Century Link and I have to tell you, I was a little more excited about being in the Seahawks stadium than I was about my first professional soccer game. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how fun the game was!

We sat in the club section and had a pretty killer view of the field.


Someone (not up on my Sounders players, but he’s the backflip guy) scored within the first few minutes of the game and that definitely got everyone excited. I followed the game much better than I thought I would with my little (/no) soccer-watching experience.

I grabbed a few shots to try to show you how loud and crazy these fans are. It’s very fun! I’m crossing my fingers we stumble across some Seahawks tickets before the end of the season (and after the babe is out so I don’t destroy her hearing) so we can round out our Seattle sporting adventures this year!