I have been very lax about the blog lately. Do I say that every time I post? Oh, well. Today I bring you exciting news! For the first time since leaving our homes at 18, David and I will be living in a house!! YAY!

We signed the lease last Friday for this adorable (100+ year old!) house.



I am thrilled beyond belief that our (still nameless) daughter will live the first two years of her life (at least) in a real-live house instead of a tiny, smelly, crowded apartment. (I know. Not all apartments are tiny, smelly, and crowded, but I’m SO over apartments.) She and Ransom will have a yard (A YARD!) to play in, and trust me, Ransom is ready. Earlier this week he was bounding over a tiny stream in our apartment complex while attached to his leash. Yesterday he was lounging on the teeny tiny deck in the sun. Next week he will have his own yard and I won’t have to worry about him falling off the second story porch! (Anyone else have those absurdly ridiculous fears?)



I am very ready to start nesting. I keep cleaning the office at work anxiously awaiting house details. I cannot wait to move (SATURDAY!) and start organizing, cleaning, decorating, and planning. YAY!

My mother is the queen of organization and packing and she’s flying in Thursday to help us move, unpack, and figure out what to do with all the quirky nooks and crannies in the house. I’m also not allowed to move or carry anything according to her. Best moving plan ever!

We have an apple tree in our backyard, around the walkway, windows all over the main floor, and a cedar closet in the guest room! I’m envisioning a chalk wall and library in the front of the house, plants in the kitchen window, and removable wallpaper on the slanted ceiling in the nursery. I can’t wait!

I’ve set a (potentially unrealistic) goal of being mostly settled before the babe arrives and (fingers crossed) even some blogged room photos. I hope you’re all as excited as we are!