Third Trimester


So we moseyed on into the third trimester last week. It is now more obvious than not that I’m having a baby (finally) and I’ve started getting congratulations from everyone. They’re only slightly shocked to find out we’ve only got three months to go.

I also finally bit the bullet and bought some maternity clothes. With the new job I needed something a little bit nicer to wear to work. It’s so refreshing to wear things that fit instead of trying to make it work with old clothes. I’m still wearing a lot of my old shirts and I don’t think I’m stretching them out quite yet…

We’re in the process of looking for a house to rent (so cross your fingers for us if you don’t mind). We’ve seen a few and like a few, so now we just have to make the deal with someone. It’s a big decision. (I can’t even imagine buying right now!)

Oh, you probably want more baby updates than life updates, don’t you? She’s constantly moving and I’m convinced she’s diagonal in my belly. Part of her is under the right side of my ribcage and I always seem to get poked in two places at once.

I took my glucose test last week (yuck) and get the results back next week. We also have our last (?) ultrasound coming up soon. I think she’s up to 3lbs and I pee constantly. I think things are pretty normal around here.

Oh. Except she still has no name.