What’s Going On

We’re at 22 weeks tomorrow and apparently our babe is the size of a spaghetti squash. The things you learn with pregnancy apps. We had our 3D ultrasound a week and a half ago and got to see some pretty awesome shots of the baby including the spine, brain, and heart. It’s crazy how tiny and intricate babies are! We told the nurse we didn’t want to know the sex of the baby, but apparently the doctor didn’t read the note and he just said it. Oh well. Now we’re waiting for gifts to arrive so we can mail them to the parents, then we’ll fill everyone else in.

Since we found out the sex we’ve started mulling over names again. We’ve got some bold choices in there… I hope everyone else gets excited about our name as we do. I think we have two or three contenders right now.

I’ve also (if I’m not mistaken) started feeling the baby move around a lot. People have described it as feeling like butterflies or even gas in your stomach, but I likened it to when you feel your heart beat in other parts of your body (you know, when you’re really tired and you can feel it pounding in your head or leg). Then I started getting it confused with hunger pangs since I seemed to feel it most early in the morning (hello, 4am) and “late” at night. (“Late” because, you know, I go to bed at 8:30 or 9. Ha!) But at this point I’m pretty sure all the twitching I feel is this kid constantly moving around. David felt it last night for the first time and was totally weirded out. It is kind of creepy. Some of the twitches are huge and for a second I get all X-Files on myself and worry the babe is trying to burst out of there.

I’ve almost got a bump worth talking about. It’s still pretty unremarkable, and I’m convinced a stranger would have no idea I’m pregnant. I imagine it’ll start rounding out pretty soon. David has just recently commented that he thinks he can see a visible difference now, but I’ve been in my swimsuit and the girls at work are astonished that I’m not huge yet. (They are, however, mostly teenagers and completely confused as to whether I’m newly pregnant, about to pop, or somewhere in between.)

Other than that, the Pacific Northwest is amazing (as always) and we’re crossing every appendage we have that we both land full-time positions in our jobs before this baby decides it’s ready to meet the world. Also, I’m eating every piece of fruit in sight. Happy Tuesday!