Bringing Up Bebe

On a whim (and with the help of a belated Christmas present) I bought Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman at Barnes and Nobles last week. I have heard many things (good, bad, and neutral) about this book and was incredibly interested in reading it for myself. The book is about an American woman who marries and British man and lives in Paris. She quickly notices that French mothers have much more control over their children and seem more relaxed than she does. The journalist in her must find the reason.

I originally heard of this book from one of my favorite blogs and knew I wanted to read it. I’m not quite finished yet, but so far it is incredibly interesting. I think there are definitely concepts I would love to try (teaching children to wait, the importance of learning to play alone) and things I would love to implement in my child’s life and our own (no snacking, better meals).

If anyone else has read the book I would love to hear their thoughts. I’m incredibly inclined towards all things European so this obviously caught my attention, but I think a lot of things she writes about make a ton of sense. I don’t want to spoil/review the entire book, so I’ll leave it at this. But let’s chat if you’ve read it!