Hot Hot Hot


No, this post is not about my alma mater It’s about how freaking hot it is in Washington right now. Apparently it is hot one week every summer (which is not enough for anyone ever to put AC in their houses or apartment complexes) and this is that week. We’ve been laying around with ice packs and sitting in between two fans. Ransom has been munching on ice cubes and occasionally I make him stand in the bathtub with about an inch or two of cold water. Sleeping is the worst. It’s coolest at night so we want to leave the window open, but we have to shut the curtains because of all of the lights (sun, moon, street lights, cars constantly in and out of our parking lot). David thinks he may die. I know we’ll make it through the week if we keep taking those cold showers everyday and sleeping with ice packs on our backs. Here’s to 65 again soon!