David and I spontaneously went driving Saturday afternoon through some of our local mountains. We drove through beautiful Evergreens, curvy passes, and on industrial bridges over flowing rivers. It was beautiful. My phone was near dead so I didn’t get many pictures, but the drive was absolutely gorgeous. (And it was 7pm! I love how it stays light for so long in the summer. The sun hasn’t set before 9pm since we’ve gotten here.)

We drove through a small town with baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and community centers. We could smell woodfires, barbecues, and the fresh outdoors. It was fun to dream about the days we can buy a house in these mountains (or some similar) where our children can roam through the woods (à la Stand By Me), explore, and make memories. It seems like a long way off right now while we’re transitioning to a new town, new jobs, and a new life as parents. But I’m sure we’ll make it one day.