What’s New

As I settle into my second trimester, things are starting to change. I’m still not showing, but I’ve added a few more fun things to the list!

Morning sickness almost gone. I still feel author crappy here and there, but I’d say we’re mostly over that hurdle.

I have started having crazy dreams. Oh no! We had the baby but don’t have any supplies! We had the baby but I haven’t seen it in a few days! I’m going into labor but I don’t remember being pregnant for nine months! It’s been pretty amusing to say the least.

I’ve had a few mild headaches. I think the biggest factor in this is that I can’t take enough Tylenol to knock them out. I’m a 1000mg-of-rapid-release-Tylenol kind of girl, and a measly 500mg isn’t doing much. But I know headaches are common. I read something about pregnancy affecting capillaries and causing more sinus pressure, but of course there is no sinus medicine safe to take when pregnant. Rude.

Another new symptom is the slightest bit of vertigo. Every once in a while I’ll lose my balance while waking or standing. Just quickly. I haven’t fallen or anything, so no need to worry. I’ve read that this is common too.

The funniest symptom is forgetting words. Last night I was trying to say something I Josh and David and the last word of my sentence just vanished. Poof. I said the first letter and then totally blanked. “Rrr…?” This should be fun.