Naming A Human Being

Dude. We have to name a human. What’s with that? It sounds like the most stressful job ever. I know there are people who don’t name their babies until they see them, and some wait days, or even weeks! I’m starting to think that doesn’t sound so crazy. Your whole life is shaped by your name. At least, it can be.

Do we go traditional, trendy, original? I’m strangely drawn to the old Latin and Greek names I find (or is it strange, seeing as David and I were both classically trained…) but they’re hard to pronounce and just odd enough or families would probably be super confused for the first year of our child’s life.

I’m not really interested in baby name books, but I love the website Nameberry. Even if you aren’t trying to name a human, you should check it out. Along with telling you the top 100 (or 1000) of the year, they talk about top names in other countries, unique names, trendy names, geek chic names, celeb baby names, etc. It’s so fun and interesting to read about. They also have name origin and meaning for all the names they provide.

So far, my plan of action is writing down names that David and I both think are interesting or doable. If one of us hates it, it doesn’t get listed. I guess the plan from there is to just roll the names around till we narrow it down to the one(s) we really like. This article noted that some British families tend to give their children two (or three) middle names. Maybe I’ll give our kid four names to make sure we pick the right one. Ha!