What’s Different?

So, what’s different now that I’m 13 weeks pregnant?

Getting carsick was the first big difference. I’ve been carsick once or twice before in my life, but its never really been a big deal. I’d just skip the next meal and rest and everything would be fine. This all changed once I was pregnant. It was much harder to shake and snuck up on me much more quickly. Driving across the country with morning sickness + car sickness sucked.

So far I look the same. No baby bump, but I’ve ditched a couple pairs of pants that are tighter than I’d like. Sitting too long in tight pants is no fun.

Two nights ago I realized my side hurt, like I’d slept on it wrong. I slept on my other side and didn’t think much of it until my cousin so kindly told me it was relaxin loosening my joints. Awesome. My lower back and hips are already hurting and I’ve got 27 more weeks to go!

My book stack has also changed. While I’m currently reading The Casual Vacancy and still want to read The Fault in our Stars, this is what my reading list looks like now.


I know there are lots more things that are going to change, but that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m looking forward to tracking this awesome event!