There’s another reason the blog has been quiet these days besides the chaos that is settling into a new state, new jobs, and new routines. Not to say those aren’t good and real reasons. They are! But I’ve been waiting and waiting to blog about what I really want to talk about.



I’m 12 weeks along and the Earley Baby is due November 27!

I’ve been sick and tired (not interesting to blog about) but also going through all my favorite blogs and pins, finding books to read, ooh-ing and ah-ing over adorable clothes and toys, and generally getting super excited (all things I can’t wait to blog about)! Hopefully now that we’ve spilled the beans to everyone, I can just babble on and on! I will do my best not to overwhelm you with baby-this and baby-that, but I make no promises.

I know everyone probably has a million questions. Fire away!

p.s. I used the new A Beautiful Mess app to draw on the sonogram!