We’ve yet to find out groove here, but it’s only been a week and a half. David started work Monday and I had orientation yesterday. Hopefully I’ll start getting nanny jobs soon (possibly even this morning).

We finally went to the grocery store. That definitely helps it feel more like you belong in your house. There are still four or five boxes to unpack and sadly the mattress is still on the floor and the bed frame is still resting against the wall. Maybe this weekend.

It’s hard to get into a blogging routine when I still haven’t even unpacked my computer (what?!), but hopefully we’ll find our routine soon and I’ll have more time in the evenings to write. As it is now, I spend my evenings rocking the adorable twins while David plays Ninja Turtles with Ian and Josh and Renee try to find time to eat. It’s so fun being close to family we haven’t seen in forever!