The Trip So Far

Lets start with where we are. We’re in the mountain time zone and just drove into Wyoming, right on schedule. Now let’s go back to day one.

Three hours into the trip, driving through the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia, the 4Runner started misfiring. Essentially, it was running on one of its 4 cylinders. Long story short, we found a mechanic that was open at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and spent the next six hours getting the car fixed. We managed to get back on the road and complete our roughly 900 mile day at 2am in Rockford, Illinois. This made for an incredibly long and tiring first day, but luckily we were able to stay mostly on schedule.


We slept a little later than planned and left at 7am the next morning. This pretty much decided we weren’t going to make it to Mount Rushmore, but we decided sleep and safety were more important. Day two included Wisconsin, Minnesota, and what felt like a million hours in South Dakota. It started snowing and sleeting in Wisconsin at the same time the battery light came on in the 4Runner. We stopped at an Advanced Auto Parts to find out our three month old alternator was probably dead. We replaced the battery and got back on the road hoping to find an alternator in stock in the next 150 miles. Luckily the light went off, the alternator started charging again, and we haven’t heard from the alternator since. Fingers crossed it continues to charge the battery. South Dakota greeted us with 24 mph winds, wide open planes, and rolling hills covered in snow. We made it to one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in at 10pm Mountain Time.


Today we should end up in Spokane, Washington if all goes as planned. Hopefully I will have no car troubles to report tomorrow and we’ll be on our way to our new apartment!