16 Days


These are some of my thoughts at the 16-day mark.

Holy cow! Are we really moving ACROSS THE COUNTRY in SIXTEEN DAYS!

Why do I have so many clothes I never wear?

Shoes are definitely worth keeping if you’ve only worn them once. Right?

Will we ever see our book collection again?

It couldn’t possibly take that long to find a couch and coffee table, could it?

Should I quarantine all the peanut products in a locked cabinet so that Ian can come visit?

What happened to all the colorful plastic utensils I thought were at Target?

I should really pull out my DSLR for the trip even though I don’t have any editing programs on my computer.

Is it weird that I’ve stopped taking pictures with my real camera because I like the editing tools on my phone?

I hope we aren’t exhausted when we get to Washington.

The dog needs some serious park time before three and a half days in the car.

It’d be nice if we could find a fenced in park or two on the drive.