The Plan

18 days. That’s how long we have to pack all of our things for the cross-country move. This is the plan:

1. Purge/Sell – We sorted through our books and DVDs this weekend, and this week I plan to go through all of our clothes. In the worst about holding on to clothes I love even of they don’t fit anymore or I don’t wear them anymore. That R2-D2 shirt! How can I get rid of it? I loved that skirt it college! What if I want to wear it again? Now is the time. We need to pare down on clothes a lot. We’re not taking any dressers in hopes of finding one here that can fit both of our clothes (plus the closet). I had almost forgotten there are at least two “nice” consignment stores here where I can probably sell a lot of clothes. (We sold most of the books and DVDs we purged at our favorite Ed McKay’s.)

We’re also hoping to sell a couple of pieces of furniture to free up some space and hopefully earn a little extra cash. (Fun fact: moving is expensive)

2. Pack – Obviously the next thing we have to do is pack all of our stuff. David can hopefully get us some free boxes, and I plan to use a similar system from our last move. (Color-coded boxes, room assignments, inventory, and “first open” boxes.)

3. Load – We’ve priced everything we can think of and the cheapest way for us to move is rent a trailer and pull it behind my 4Runner. The smaller the trailer, the cheaper it is, so this is going to be a fun jigsaw puzzle trying to fit everything. We’ll also be able to pack a lot of the 4Runner and we have a soft luggage carrier for the top.

4. Drive – This is the part we’re most excited about. We should be able to make the trip in four days (covering 12 states) and depending on schedules, we might even detour to some famous sites along the way. I’ll be sure to post our route as soon as we figure it out. My parents have graciously offered to make the drive with us, as well as one of our best friends. We’ll get to Washington with three days to settle in and a weekend to explore!

What do you think? Are we crazy? Sometimes it feels like it, but it’s going to be such a fun adventure! Four days is a lot of driving, but I’ve never been to 8 of the states, so I’m excited to see new parts of the country in such a fun way.

“Now that you’ve seen ‘the plan,’ I’m gonna go show ‘the plan’ to somebody else.” Bonus points if you can name that movie!