A Story About a Puppy

While Theron and Maddie are touring for their book they are also working on a Why We Rescue project. If you’d like, you can submit your story for consideration and Theron might come visit you to shoot and record your story. This got me thinking to our story with Ransom. I’m not sure it’s ever been shared so I thought I’d share it with you now. It’s not profound or remarkable, but it’s our story about how we got our pup and what he means to us!


As my husband and I were preparing to be married, many friends and family told us not to get a dog right away. Their excuses? It will be expensive. It’s a long-term decision. You can’t just drop everything and go on vacation. You have to plan everything around the dog. You’re life will change again. It’s too soon. What they didn’t realize is that David and I weren’t complete without a pet.
My cousin bought a Bluetick Coonhound as a hunting dog a few months before we were married and no one told him she was pregnant. She gave birth to 8 puppies on the coldest day in December and 6 of them died before my cousin found them. He set up heat lamps and did everything he could to keep the other two alive. Ransom was one of them.
In February we visited my cousin and I saw Ransom for the first time. I knew without a doubt that the adorable, clumsy puppy was meant to be mine. We had been married two months.
We brought Ransom home two weeks later and haven’t looked back. He has been a blessing through job loss, moving, and the general trials of our first two years of marriage. There were times David and I were working completely opposite schedules seeing each other less than an hour a day, and having the company of our sweet pup made the time apart less lonely.
My rebuttal to all of our friends and family that said we shouldn’t get a dog? It depends on your family, but David and I obviously needed a dog. He brings a new energy and light to our lives. He brings out a tenderness in my husband most people never see. He gives me hope and joy every time I see him. 
Ransom is the best thing that has happened to us yet.