David and I have been to Seattle once before, and I had been once with my family before that. We have yet to do many tourist-y things (besides go to Pike’s Place), but we’d like to do a day of fun “Seattle” things on this trip.

Besides that one fun day, we’re also going to get in a lot of baby-loving! We’re going to see our cousins who had twin boys in November and have another three year old boy. I could not be more excited about this part of the trip. David is a wary. He’s convinced he doesn’t know how to entertain a three year old.

So this is a “give us advice” blog post. If you know of something we absolutely HAVE to see in Seattle, let us know! And if you have any tips for David on entertaining a toddler, he’d love to hear them!

The picture is a re-edit from our last trip to Seattle in 2009.