The Biltmore Estate

We spent last weekend in the mountains with our family and my sister-in-law scored us free tickets to tour the Biltmore estate. David and I had never been (my sis-in-law and her husband are season ticket holders) so we were excited to check it out (for free). The house was huge (I mean huge) and was fun to experience. We were given an audio tour and got to walk around the house at our own pace listening to stories about each room. (I’ll admit, I only listened to about half of them.) You weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the house (oops) so I just snuck a few.

My favorite part of the house was the ceiling in the entryway. (Yes, the first thing I saw.)



The chevron brick (stone?) on the ceiling killed me. So beautiful.

The view from the house was almost more amazing than the house itself. I snuck a few pictures through the curtains. (You are allowed on the balcony in the warmer weather.)



I also loved the stone basement hallways. The basement was pretty amazing. There was a bowling alley, a gym, painted brick walls, and an indoor pool. I really wish I’d snuck a picture of the pool.



We walked to the back of the drive to the winding wall with these awesome fish fountains and dead, winter vines. I loved it.



This wall provided a great view of the house!



Thanks Teresa and TJ for our free Biltmore tickets!