Do any of you wear perfume? I’ve toyed with the idea multiple times in the last 10 years, especially when people would tell me things like “Wear this special perfume on your wedding day and every anniversary after that to invoke those memories every time you smell it.” That would have been fun. But I’ve always been hesitant for one reason or another. I’ve never felt like there were smells I was drawn to. I worry that David won’t like it (he doesn’t really like jewelry, makeup, or anything particularly girly or fancy). But I’ve also always been drawn to the romantic idea of having a signature smell (like all important people in my, and probably your, past).

I’ve been busy and distracted the last few weeks, but I try to always make time to read Design Mom (as you can probably tell by this post and the one you’re currently reading). Yesterday her blog featured a post about how to choose the perfect perfume and it included a fragrance finder by Real Simple. I took the quiz and this was my result.



How intriguing. I like the idea of woody smells. The idea of them doesn’t bother me as much as citrusy or sweet smells do. Maybe I’ll try it out. What do you think?