New Apps

Alright, there are two new apps we need to talk about. The first one is Vine. If you use Instagram, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. It has something to do with Twitter (sorry, I’m doing no research here) and is a social media site (a la Instagram) that allows you to post 6 second videos. FUN!

Secondly is an app called Done Not Done. I read about it on Design Mom‘s blog yesterday and promptly downloaded it. Then I moved my lists of movies, bands, and books that I needed to remember to look up into this awesome new app. Basically, it keeps a virtual bookshelf for you of all the things you want to remember to read, watch, and listen to! AWESOME!

I’ve only found one con to Done Not Done so far. You can get recommendations from friends, but can only get friends through your Facebook and Twitter accounts. They either need to a) let me search for famous people or b) convince my friends to get their app. Hey, I can do that part. GET THIS APP! Thanks!