DIY: Daily Calendar

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of January and I’ve yet to show you the daily calendar I made! Over a year ago I saw this daily calendar/journal on Design Sponge and knew I wanted to make one. I managed to make one for myself and for my sister-in-law!


It was a pretty simple (but timely) process. Just like Design Sponge says, you gather your supplies (index cards, date stamp, paper cutter) and cut each 4×6 in half (hamburger style – tell me you know what that means!).


Then comes the fun part! I stamped each index card corner with the month and day. 365 times. x2. And then I stamped the first four years (in a group) on each card.  It took forever, but I like it better than handwriting the year, and I love the quirkiness of stamps.


And finally it was time to start recording! As you can tell from the photos above, I took these photos on the 24, so the January 1 example is already in the back. I decided to just rotate my cards to the back so the recent date is always in the front. I also haven’t decided on monthly dividers, but for now I set this adorable puppy ornament in the front.


Our calendar sits on our small bookcase between our photo books and our record player. It’ll probably move around, and continue to evolve, but I love it.

Any suggestions for month dividers? Maybe I can find some map postcards!