Etsy Gift Card

Guys, I got an Etsy gift card for Christmas and it was awesome! I was stumped for a few weeks and couldn’t decide what to buy, but I finally landed on two fun prints. One is for my gallery wall, and one is for somewhere special (I haven’t decided where yet).

I’ve had my eye on this Sparrow Nest Script card for a few months. I love all of her cards, the script is just so beautiful! I chose this one for the gallery wall because it’s nice and simple. I also love that it arrived yesterday on our anniversary! (photo from Sparrow Nest Script Etsy shop)



This next print I originally saw on Pinterest and then quickly found on In Haus Press‘ Etsy shop. And I absolutely love it. If you know me at all you know how much I love cold weather. I also went to college in the mountains. David and I would also love to move north, and living in the mountains would not hurt either of our feelings.



I love the styling of this photo so much (from the In Haus Press Etsy shop) that I asked where they got the frame and ordered one for myself! I’m also considering batting my eyelashes at my dad so I can get a bleached deer skull to put on the wall next to it! I mean, how can you not love the styling of this print?!

What was (one of) your favorite Christmas presents?