4 Simple Goals Before 2013


I quite enjoyed these 4 simple goals before 2013.

As a quick summary, I did pretty well with two of my goals, so-so with one, and not so great with the other.

I made one Christmas present (but it isn’t being given until halfway through January, so you won’t hear about it for a while!) and had so much fun taking intentional pictures (like the one above).

I’m only halfway through my reading rut. I’ve definitely read more, but I’m still not compelled to read right now. Maybe I still haven’t found the right book. Also, we’ve been incredibly busy, so whenever I sit down to relax I almost always fall asleep!

I haven’t been swimming nearly as much as i wanted. There are tons of excuses, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things soon!

Happy New Year, everyone!