New Year’s Eve

2012 was full of surprises, and I hope 2013 treats us just as well.

Our second year of marriage was a blast. Sometimes things happened exactly how we expected, and other times we were pushed in directions we were least expecting.

In April, we moved back to Greensboro, where we are both from. This was the opposite of what we expected, but offered us two full time jobs and some extra security we just didn’t have in Raleigh.

We moved into the smallest apartment we’ve lived in yet at an incredibly reasonable price. This year has been about making money, saving money, and paying off debt. Those were three of our main goals for this year, and I’m proud to say we’ve done a great job with them.

Instead of making goals for 2013, I’m excited to wait and see what surprises await us. Although we love where we live, we don’t feel settled. Our dreams are still to move north or west. To live in cold weather.

Neither of us have a “job in our field,” but are excited to keep exploring new options and discover exactly what our “field” means to us.

Here’s to an even better, more exciting year than the last!