Last Minute Shopping

bokeh tree

Who’s finished with their Christmas shopping? David and I just purchased the last few gifts yesterday at one of our local malls. We’ve been planning what to get everyone for months it seems, but for some reason we waited until the very last minute to buy everything.

I guess that’s sort of a tradition in my family. Every year my dad would go out and buy one more present on Christmas Eve. I could have had 1 present before that, or 100, it didn’t matter. But that was something I always looked forward to. I knew, no matter what, there would be one extra present Christmas morning.

Does anyone else have a strange affinity for last minute shopping? Or do you try to purchase all your gifts before December even starts? I  love the hustle and bustle of Christmas!

P.S. Expect sporadic posts over the next week as we travel back and forth between families! Merry Christmas!!