Pencil Eyeliner

While we’re talking about beauty products this week, I wanted to teach you a little trick I learned.

Now, I’m fairly new to the make up game, and not an expert in the least. I just bought my first eyeliner pencil a two weeks ago! My mom was explaining to me how she didn’t like the pencils because they always broke when you sharpened them. Noted. Then we proceeded to try on too many eyeliners, and I found pencils the easiest to use.

This prompted some research. I don’t want to buy eyeliner, use it for a week, and then break it and need another!

Interestingly enough, if you put your pencil in the refrigerator for an hour or two, it makes it easier to sharpen. I tried this yesterday and it actually worked! (The first time I sharpened it I assumed our apartment was cold enough already – not so.)

So. Next time you need to sharpen your eyeliner pencil, toss it in the fridge first! You’ll be amazed how much easier it is!