Dry Shampoo

For the past couple months I’ve been experimenting with dry shampoo. I love the concept, and have done a little research and how best to apply it, but have been working with a cheap store-bought spray can. It finally ran out and I thought it was high time I try one of the many brands I’ve seen praised on all those hundreds of blogs I read.

Skinny Skinny had one I had been considering, and so did Catbird.

LuLu Travel Size

I ultimately decided to go with Catbird since it’s a travel size and costs less. This way I can be sure I love it before I spend the big bucks.

Oh, and about that research on how to apply dry shampoo. I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it (it was a video, probably pinterest), but they suggested applying the dry shampoo to your scalp (the most oily parts) and then instead of combing through it, massage your scalp like you’re actually washing it. Basically get the powder good and in there without flattening out your hair.

Another suggestion was to apply the powder before bed so that you get that perfect bed head look in the morning. Genius! I can’t wait to try with my new shampoo!