An Unorthodox Thanksgiving

How are you spending your Thanksgiving? We are going to Orlando with David’s family to go to theme parks and eat at Cracker Barrel! Surprised? We decided it was best for our families because most of us work and we each get a few days off for the holiday.  This way, more of our family can stay for the whole week of vacation!

This trip is my in-laws Christmas gift to us kids. Last year we went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and we’re very excited to go back. We’ll also spend part of this trip at Bush Gardens!

I’ve always had friends that went on cruises for Christmas or were out of the country for another holiday. I’ve also heard of families that eat holiday dinners at restaurants so they don’t have to stress out themselves or each other. But this will be my first holiday spent away from normal traditions. I’m curious, have any of you ever spent a holiday away?